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Plenary Session 1

Agricultural Policy and Trade in Central Asia and the South Caucasus in the Context of WTO Rules, Lars Brink

Plenary Session 2

Improved Infrastructure and Central Asian Exports of Agricultural Commodities, Richard Pomfret

World Trade: Agriculture vs. Manufacturing, Natalya Volchkova

A1: Issues in Agricultural Export Strategies in Europe and Central Asia

Export Promotion Strategies in the Countries of the Region, Iryna Kobuta

Russian Agricultural-food Exports and Food Security: How Two Tasks are Combined, Dmitri Rylko

Features of Negotiations on Access to the EU Market for Agrifood Products, Valeriy Piatnytskyi

The Architecture of Food Safety Control in the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union, David Sedik

A2: Food Policy

Impact of Climate Change Politics in Kazakhstan on the Agricultural Sector, Lyazzat Nugumanova

Enhancement of the Economic Mechanism of Regulation of the Food Market, Diliana Alimzhanova

The Implementation of the Food Program in Uzbekistan, Dildora Saidova

Georgia's Input Subsidy Program: Exploring Targeting Possibilities, Phatima Mamardashvili

A3: Agricultural Export and Trade Infrastructure

Correlative Analyses of Agricultural Trade Impacting Factors. New Trends in Region, Elchin Atababayev

Necessary Conditions to Substitute Imported Animal Products in the Republic of Kazakhstan, Serqey Baryshnikov

Uzbekistan Agrarian Sector Export Competiveness in Kazakhstan, Norbek Nurmatov

Study of Sheep Meat Production Value Chains in the Kyrgyz Republic and Export Capacity to the EAEU Member States, Kanat Tilekeyev

B1: Studying Agricultural Development in Central Asia: Reports from Practice

Trade Connections between Central Asia and Caucasus, Hokim Matchanov

NAPP Fairtrade in Central Asia, Build Capacity of Small Farming, Enlarge and Opportunity for Fair Trade, Aziz Rasulov

Improving the Management of Technologies Transfer System and Development of Information Infrastructure of Innovative Activity in Uzbekistan, Shukhrat Otajonov

The Influence of Global and Regional Crises to Azerbaijan, Nagif Hamzayev

B2: Agricultural Policy

Changes in the Size and Output of State Support to Russian Agriculture in 2015 (The Case of the Ural and Siberian Federal Districts), Alexei Kopchenov

The Impact of the Oil Price Fluctuations on the Agrarian Policy in Azerbaijan, Elchin Suleymanov

Kazakhstan’s Cotton Sector Reforms since Independence, Dauren Oshakbayev

Endogenous Formation of Agricultural Policies in Federal States: The Case of Russia, Vasyl Kvartiuk

B3: Doing Research in Agricultural Economics

The German Research System and How to Study in Germany, Marianne Müller-Albinsky

Publication Opportunities in Russian Scientific Journals, Alfiya Kuznetsova

The Long-run Development of the Agrifood Sector: The Example of Germany, Michael Grings

C1: MATRACC Project: Regional Trade and Supply Chains

MATRACC Project: Regional Trade and Supply Chains, Oleksandr Perekhozhuk

Comparative Analysis of Wheat Supply Chains in Armenia and Uzbekistan, Adkham Akbarov

CIS Wheat Market Integration, Ivan Djuric

Measuring the Degree of Oligopsony Power in Kazakh Grain Processing Industry: Evidence from PTA Approach, Giorgi Chezhia

C2: Trade Policy

Foreshortening of an Agricultural Trade Policy in the Development Program of Agricultural Industry of Uzbekistan till 2020, Shukhrat Bobokhujaev

Recent Development in Agri-food Policy and Trade: Case of Moldova, Aleksandru Stratan

Self-sufficiency Policy Reforms and their Impact on Wheat Productivity in Armenia, Lena Kuhn

Farmers’ Perceptions of Farm - Level Effects of Recent Changes in Agricultural Policy and Macroeconomic Developments in Russia, Ihtiyor Bobojonov

C3: Agricultural Cooperatives

Productivity and Efficiency Effect of Policy Reforms in Kazakhstan, Alisher Tleubayev

Theories of Collective Action in Agriculture and Former Soviet Union, Farhad Mukhtarov

Size and Sector Effects in the Performance of Agricultural Cooperatives: The Case of Georgia, Irakli Kochlamazashvili

Challenges for Land Use Functions in Central Asia, Ahmad Hamidov

Plenary Session 3

Water Cooperation in Central Asia: Lessons and Opportunities, Iskandar Abdullaev

Vertical Coordination in Agri-food Chains: Implications for Policy and Trade, Liesbeth Dries

D1: Transformation, Diversification and Collective action in Agricultural Development in Central Asia

Diversification and Food Export Potential in Irrigated Areas of Central Asia: South Kazakhstan & Samarkand Regions, Shavkat Hasanov

Transformation of Agricultural Value Chains and Collective Action in Irrigated Areas, Nodir Djanibekov

Organization of Rural Labor and Contractual Arrangements, Nozilakhon Mukhmamedova

D2: Market Power and Price Transmission

Approaches and Methods of Value Chain Analyses in Agricultural Sector of Central Asian Countries, Kairat Itibaev

Impact of Tobacco Market Monopsony to Income of Rural Population: Case of Urgut District of Uzbekistan, Farhod Ahrorov

Price Transmission on Wheat Flour Market in Georgia, Ia Katsia

Price Transmission along the CIS Wheat-to-bread Supply Chains, Ivan Djuric

D3: Water Resources for Agricultural Production

Water Resources and Food Production in Agriculture, Abdusame Tadjiev

Technical Efficiency of Using Water and Soil Resources in Samarkand, Shukrullo Muratov

Water Use Efficiency of Agroforestry Systems in Irrigated Agriculture, Niels Thevs

Different Approaches to Evaluate the Condition of Irrigated Agricultural Areas Using Remotely Sensed Data, Natalya Tsychuyeva

E1: Establishment of Regional Innovation Centers

Regional Agricultural Innovation System (RAIS): Transferability of Korean Experiences to Uzbekistan, Kyung-Ryang Kim

Feasibility Study of Establishing Regional Innovation Center in Samarkand Agricultural Institute, Golib Sanaev

Regional Innovation Centers and Reforms in Samarkand Agricultural Institute, Ibragim Ganiev

Role of Potential RIC for Enhance of Export Potential of the Samarkand Region, Uzbekistan, Shavkat Hasanov

E2: Agricultural Modernization

The Development of the Agricultural Commodity Distribution System of Belarus in the Condition of Regional Integration, Natallia Kireyenka

Problems of Formation of Qualitative Composition of Personnel in Agricultural, Alfija Kuznetsova

The Role of Social Aspect and Gender Factors as one of the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) Approaches for Drinking Water Saving in Turkmenistan in the Strategy Development of its Economic Use, Alla Sabbatovskaya

Cluster in Agribusiness, Sanginboy Sanginov

E3: Competitiveness of the Uzbek Food Industry

Impact of Milk Processing Plants to the Milk Production in Livestock Market of Uzbekistan, Akmal Abruev

Suggestions Develop Supply Chain of Pomegranate Production: In Case Households of Syrdarya Region, Golibjon Tursunkulov

Uzbekistan’s Agricultural Products Comparative Advantages in Russian Market, Tuygunoy Mamadjanova

Promoting Capacity Building and Water Cooperation in CA, Jusipbek Kazbekov

Plenary Session 4

Implications of Slowing Growth for Global Poverty Reduction, Will Martin

The Role of FAO in Regional and International Cooperation in Central Asia and South Caucasus, Eugenia Serova

F1: Macroeconomic Trends and Implication for Agricultural Trade and Food Security in the Region

Economic Contraction and Food Insecurity in the Post-Soviet Region, David Sedik

Recent Trends in Agro-food Trade Policy Developments in Countries Agricultural Sector of the Countries-main World Producers of Agri-food Products, Ekaterina Krivonos

Russian Import Restrictions and their Effects on the Agricultural Sectors of the CCA Countries, Dmitry Bulatov

Fall in International Energy Prices and its Impact on Agrifood Trade in Post-Soviet Countries, Roman Mogilevskii

F2: Food Security and Household Consumption

Landlockedness - International Trade - Food Security: Do Landlocked Countries Suffer from Food Insecurity?, Khurshid Zafari

Development and Structural Changes in the Economies of Central Asian Countries, Numonjon Malikov

Problems of Food Security in Uzbekistan, Abduaziz Abduvasikov

Russian Crisis and its Impact on Agriculture and the Food Industry in Latvia, Irina Pilvere

F3: Food Demand

The Impact of Kyrgyzstan’s Accession to the Eurasian Economic Union (EUEA) on the Structure of Kyrgyz Consumer Demand, Chinara Adiiaeva

The Impact of Migrant Remittances on Economic Development of the Kyrgyz Republic, Eliza Zhunusova

Food Additives: Important Part of Functional Food, Umida Khodjaeva

Important Structures of Sericulture for World Strategy in Uzbekistan, Yoshiko Kawabata

F4: SAMUz Project Goals, Achievements and Sustainability in Future

Curricula and Syllabi Development for BA and MA and PhD, Farhod Ahrorov

Creating a Cross-University PhD School “Agricultural Policy and Economics”, P. Michael Schmitz

Training on Quality Assurance Procedures in Uzbekistan Universities, Agustin Merino Garcia

Sustainable Agrarian Management Studies for Uzbekistan (SAMUz), Sanjar Adilov

G1: Food Security and Agricultural Reforms

Agricultural and Food Trade in Central Asia: “Revealed” Comparative Advantage, Kamiljon Akramov

The Effects of Trade Policy Changes on the Agricultural Sector of Tajikistan, Parviz Khakimov

The Organization of Contracting and Quality Control in Dairy Supply Chains in Kyrgyzstan, Alexander Saak

Fuel to Food: Evidence of Price Pass-through in Kyrgyzstan, Jarilkasin Ilyasov

G2: Selected Presentations on Collaboration between EU and Uzbekistan Partners

Enterprise Performance and Farm Planning, Ralf Schlauderer

Verification of Official University Degrees: Comparison of EHEA and Uzbekistan, Farhod Ahrorov

Market Analysis in Agri-food Sector, Michael Grings

G3: The Future of Agriculture Under Climate Change

Effects of Changing Climatic Parameters on Grain Productivity in the Kostanay Region, Vladimir Balabaykin

Agricultural Production, Households Welfare and Food Security under Climate Change in Tajikistan, Jovidon Aliev

The Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Production and Some Ways of Adaptation to Climate Change, Abdukholik Mukhtorov 

Alleviating Tajikistan’s Vulnerability to Climate Change: An Agricultural Policy Approach, Zvi Lerman