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The conference provides an opportunity for knowledge exchange to junior and senior researchers, as well as policy makers from the Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA). Researchers from Europe and other countries are also invited to participate at the conference.

Research results and project findings related to the following topics will be discussed:

•    Russian import restrictions and their effects on the agricultural sectors of the CCA countries
•    Impact of global and regional crises on commodity prices
•    Options for facilitating intra-regional and international trade of agricultural commodities
•    Impact of market integration on food consumption patterns
•    Food security and availability under conditions of supply chain disruptions
•    Policy regulation and trade distortions
•    Transformation of supply chains under global and regional integration policies
•    Effect of regional cooperation on productivity and efficiency of agricultural production
•    Effect of climate change on agricultural production and rural livelihoods
•    The role of using agricultural insurance to increase food security
•    Impact of production technologies on agricultural production
•    Nutrition transition, household welfare and food security.

The official conference language is English. Simultaneous translation from/to Russian will be provided.